Comala Haven is a non-profit residency/retreat/workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico and the surrounding rural region. Comala a grassroots project dedicated to offering an excellent program at a low cost. The current total program cost is less than $400. This cost includes: 

  • Room and board 
  • Food and beverages
  • Transportation
  • Writing Activities (workshop, discussions on craft and books, private space in which to work) 
  • Tourism Activities (visits to natural, cultural and historical landmarks)

Guadalajara is a major Mexican city with rich cultural offerings. It is also known for its laid-back ambiance, tree-lined streets, fabulous architecture, and culinary scene. Participants arrive to and depart from Guadalajara and have the opportunity to experience the city before heading out to our rural workspace.

From Guadalajara, participants are transported to the countryside, where they spend 5-6 days on a ranch within driving distance of two picturesque "pueblos." In these "pueblos," one can try local artisanal foods and coffees, and visit rustic churches and other points of interest. Our workspace is located in pastoral setting, lush with wildflowers. On a clear day, there are stunning views of two volcanoes. There is plenty of space to walk around, write and take in nature.

The program lasts 1 week, and we have either discussion group or workshop every other day in the afternoon. 

About the name: Comala is the name of the town where the narrative of the famed Mexican author Juan Rulfo's masterwork Pedro Páramo takes place. While Comala is a real town in Mexico, it is believed that Juan Rulfo was not necessarily making reference to this particular town in his novel but rather to all small towns of this sort in Mexico. Therefore, the Comala Haven retreat will always take place within or near a small town.

For more information about our yearly retreat or to book a private retreat for a writing group, contact me at

NOTE: The 2019 yearly retreat is currently full, but there is a waitlist. You may also propose dates for a private, separate retreat for your writing group. 

To see pictures of our 2017 and 2018 events follow us on Instagram @comalahaven