Kimberly Kruge is a poet and translator based in Mexico. She makes poems in both English and Spanish and translations of poetry and stories from the both languages. 

Kruge's poetry is, on a content level, direct. It provides no-frills narrative detail and clear images which aim to give readers a firm foothold on which to rely while experiencing the lyric aspects of her poems. The work is sensual: its sonic features often include internal rhymes and repetitions that vary and shift as a way of working themselves into the subconscious of the poem and a reader's experience of it. 

Photo Credit: Vira Ivanova

Photo Credit: Vira Ivanova

Extremely important to Kruge's work is language itself. Etymology often informs her word choice in an effort to make the intersection of etymologies and their implications form networks of potential meaning in her poems. The etymological relationship between words in Spanish and English is also important to her work; she does not consider her writing as an exhibition of bilingualism or code-switching but rather as a careful exploration of a personal vernacular that is widened by its inclusion of two languages. 

Humility and earnestness are important to Kruge as an artist. She is dedicated to learning and improving her craft and to supporting the good work that other writers make. She believes that writers should be responsible for their work, taking all of the time necessary to consider, research, and experience their craft choices in order to make intentional work that respects the vocation.

Kruge holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College and an M.F.A. in Poetry from the Warren Wilson Program for Writers. A full CV can be found on the contact page.