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ORDINARY CHAOS: Now available for preorder on Amazon and through Chicago University Press Distribution.

“The ostensible narrative of Ordinary Chaos may involve finding home and belonging in a new place, but its accomplishment finally has to do with wonder and its embodiment, which is in intent seeing.  Kimberly Kruge is a poet of fractal lyricism—lyricism that is at once focused and intricate, grounded in measured thought and also abundant with emotion.  Whether it is about the casual vitality of a city street, the interactions with others that can lead to a kind of primal sympathy, or the bloom of tenderness within the self, Kruge’s poetry registers the remarkable dailiness of a life and the chiaroscuro of its many ardors: “It’s all there in / dark and light.  Then, in light and dark.” - Rick Barot, author of Chord

“Whether through prose poems or traditionally lined stanzas, Kruge tells stories -- powerful, colorful, bright with image, dark with humor or deadly serious. An impressive debut by a remarkably gifted writer.” -Martha Rhodes, author of The Beds

“The sheer pleasure I get from the audacious mastery of the book is gift that starts on the first page. Ordinary Chaos is the name of this book but, really, it's the key to the way Kruge moves us through a landscape (literal and figurative) that she is learning as she writes it. Her joy and skepticism, her sorrow and hard edges make a multilayered world that moves so far beyond content into the deep gong of experience that true world making comes from. "I get tired of writing how I talk and start writing how I think." she says. The whole book is that Stradavariun promise. The instrument pushed to its edge and then pushed past that into ecstasy.” - Gabrielle Calvocoressi, author of Rocket Fantastic

"At the market they catch me / weighing right and wrong," Kimberly Kruge writes of her speaker in Ordinary Chaos, and her speaker often acts as both judge and scale. Kruge's is a collection rich with music and precision. Her speaker actively watches the world, detailing with an exactness that funnels to the very numeral, though this speaker's worldview is anything but simple. This is a collection that enumerates loss and that seeks to translate "home" and "want" through a mind that is at once loosed and wild yet vested in order. In Ordinary Chaos, we encounter a speaker who presents a hard look at the self, a search for "1 presentable woman" amongst a myriad of archetypes. Kruge's is an exciting voice to behold, and this is a beautiful debut.” - Nathan McClain, author of Scale



HIGH-LAND SUB-TROPIC: Published Fall 2017 through the Center for Book Arts, at which it was selected as the winner of the 2017 Chapbook Prize by Juan Felipe Herrera.



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